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The Tickmill Group is a worldwide financial services company, with its headquarters in London and offices located in various locations around the world. Established in 2014, Tickmill Group has grown to include a number of retail broker operations, and it operates in over 200 countries globally. These global operations are primarily retail brokers who offer trading on forex as well as CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and most recently Exchange-traded products (currently offered by Tickmill UK Ltd).

In addition to these retail brokerages there is also a business-to-business arm of the Tickmill Group called Tickmill Prime. Tickmill Prime is the trading name of Tickmill UK Ltd., which is a company registered in England and Wales under number 09592225. As a B2B business, Tickmill Prime offers trading and brokerage services as well as liquidity to institutions such as hedge funds and banks, and to a handful of large-scale professional traders.


Regulation is an important part of creating a safe trading experience, and when you’re working with large sums of institutional and professional trading monies it becomes even more critical that the broker or liquidity provider is known to be regulated and overseen to ensure a safe trading environment. In the case of Tickmill Prime, being located in the United Kingdom puts them under the jurisdiction of the highly regarded UK Financial Conduct Authority. In that regard Tickmill Prime has been authorized and Regulated by the FCA under register number 717270.

Tickmill Prime Clients

Tickmill Prime provides its services to a number of different institutional and large-scale traders. Its list of clients includes the following:

Brokers: Tickmill Prime offers its services to brokerage firms by providing the liquidity necessary to ensure their clients have the best trading experience. By utilizing the liquidity from Tickmill Prime brokers are able to offer an excellent selection of assets, rapid execution, and the best pricing. In addition to liquidity Tickmill Prime also offers full service, technology and monitoring tools to ensure brokers can deliver efficient and reliable trading conditions.

Banks: Thanks to the deep liquidity pools sourced from leading tier-1 banks, non-banks, and ECNs it is possible for Tickmill Prime to offer customized solutions for banks, allowing them to expand their product offerings.

Money Managers and Hedge Funds: Tickmill Prime attributes some of its success to the professional money managers who have consistently found new sources of deep liquidity to assist their unique trading style. Besides basic liquidity Tickmill Prime also offers technology solutions, improved execution, and market access. This allows them to deliver customized and tailored solutions.

Professional Traders: High volume professional traders can also take advantage of the deep liquidity and technological solutions offered by Tickmill Prime. This allows them access to institutional level spreads, execution speeds and commissions. With Tickmill Prime professional traders are able to take their trading to the next level.

FX and CFD Liquidity

Tickmill Prime strives to provide consistent deep liquidity that allows their clients to get the best available prices on all the assets offered (FX and CFDs on stocks, commodities and indices), no matter what the market conditions are like. They have spent decades building a network of liquidity providers that includes liquidity from tier 1 banks, non-banks (HFT) and ECN-s. They have also created a world-class pricing technology solution with pricing and execution engines located in London, New York, and Tokyo. Clients of Tickmill Prime are able to access this deep liquidity and tight pricing via low-latency connectivity solutions. The technological backbone utilized ensures orders are always routed in such a way that they are filled at the best available prices.

This liquidity solution was designed with institutions and high-volume traders in mind. It provides easy and quick access to exceptional trading conditions for stocks, forex, and commodities. Those conditions include competitive commissions as low as $5 per million, fast executions, and incredibly tight raw spreads on the assets offered. In addition, clients can feel secure knowing that Tickmill Prime is regulated by the FCA and holds accounts with Barclay’s Bank.

Institutional Trading Technology

The technology that powers Tickmill Prime allows for deep liquidity pools and high-performance trading and execution. Because they are a top brokerage group their size gives them all the resources necessary to create world-class trading technology, and hire the right talent to ensure the technology remains fully supported. The technology experts at Tickmill Prime can create a customized solution for any client. Current technology solutions provide connectivity for more than 90 tier-1 banks and market makers.

Tickmill Prime is capable of handling any technology needs, providing their clients with 24-hour support, premium connectivity, and the most advanced execution and price aggregation technology. With a robust trading infrastructure that include low-latency connects in London, New York, and Tokyo, Tickmill Prime is able to offer the greatest flexibility and scalability available. Clients who partner with Tickmill Prime can take advantage of all the following technology benefits:

Connect via FIX API, MT4 or MT5MT4 & MT5 bridges, price feeders and various plugins availableFull pricing transparency and real-time reporting and analysisFully customisable liquidity, price streams, markupsComplex and dynamic high-speed order routing rulesFast setup in less than 48 hoursExperienced support 24/7

MT4 White Label

Tickmill Prime is also offering brokers and other financial institutions access to their MT4 white label program. This white label program allows these businesses to establish a new trading business, or grow their existing business by providing the MT4 client platform with the company’s branding and details. With a $5,000 set-up fee and a monthly fee of just $1,000 ($750/mo additional for the mobile platform), financial institutions can affordably offer a world-class trading platform to their clients. In addition, Tickmill Prime provides world-class support for the platform, including a personal MT4 manager program, and a reliable and easy to use MAM tool for money managers.

In Conclusion

As an FCA regulated broker and liquidity provider, clients of Tickmill Prime know their funds are secure, and that they can trust in Tickmill Prime to deliver consistent liquidity as well as the best pricing in the industry for the assets they cover, even when market conditions are rapidly changing. The deep liquidity network built up over decades in the industry, and the state-of-the-art pricing technology combined ensure great execution and competitive pricing.

In addition, the vast experience and network allows for customized services at competitive prices. Whether the client is a bank, broker, hedge fund, professional trader, or some other institutional client, they can be sure that their costs will be low, and that the liquidity provided will be reliable and consistent. Tickmill helps their clients to increase their competitiveness by providing cutting-edge and reliable services.

Tickmill Prime is also one of the largest and fastest-growing brokers, and that size and reach means they are able to allocate necessary resources to ensure their technology and support remain at the top of the industry. The expert support team can ensure that any solution can be tailored to the client’s needs.

In short, Tickmill Prime is an excellent choice for FX and CFD institutional clients. They can provide exactly what’s needed and they do so with great service and competitive pricing structure.

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