BrokersView Expo Abu Dhabi

Sharp Minds, Big Returns Conrad Abu Dhabi, October 11-12, 2024
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    BrokersView Expo
    Dedicated to assisting traders in finding the best forex brokers in an easy and fast way, BrokersView has developed rapidly and won the favor of traders from all over the world since its inception in 2016. As a leading forex media and broker review platform, BrokersView has built a great reputation among its 1,200,000+ registered users, who have left 60,000+ reviews on regulated and fake brokers.

    BrokersView's comprehensiveness enables it to help traders resolve complaints and disputes with forex brokers, bring scammers to light, select forex brokers, share trading experience, and learn the latest news.
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    Special Guests
    Bright Kojo Onipayede (Kojoforex)
    Investor & Serial Entrepreneur
    Bright Kojo Onipayede (Kojoforex)
    Bright Kojo Onipayede, popularly known online as Kojoforex, is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several ventures in the online CFD forex trading space, including Kojoforex Academy, and Tradenomics.

    He hails from Ghana, Africa. He holds a BSc in Accounting from the University of Ghana Business School and is currently pursuing an MSc in Financial Management at the University of Manchester Business School.

    His influence and knowledge in the trading space have shaped many traders’ thinking and pursuants in the market. He has a collective following of more than 800,000 across all his social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.
    Momen Medhat
    Founder & CEO of W2M Trading
    Momen Medhat
    Momen Medhat is an Entrepreneur & Online trader with more than 7 years of experience in financial markets. He specializes in providing online trading services. He has a passion for delivering the true value of trading and let everyone have a great experience.
    Roberto d’Ambrosio
    Executive Director and CEO at Axiory Global
    Roberto d’Ambrosio
    Roberto d’Ambrosio, Executive Director and CEO at Axiory Global. Holding a BA in Law (IT), and MBA (Henley) a post Grad with the ICA-University of Manchester (GRC). he is currently finalizing an MSC in Financial Crime and Compliance in Digital Societies with the University of Manchester. Roberto has extensive experience in the financial industry both on the asset management and brokerage side, via holding senior positions as Director, Non-Executive Director, Risk Officer, Compliance officer, Investment committee member in several licensed entities in EU and non-EU Jurisdictions and as an alternative investment advisor.

    He is an expert in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, and a trading and investment mentor, having held a number of seminars worldwide on algorithmic trading and behavioural psychology applied to trading.
    Anvar Hussain
    CFO-MENA & Asia Pacific at DB Investing
    Anvar Hussain
    The multilingual professional has extensive administration, banking , finance and sales experience, boasting multiple senior roles in his successful career so far. He has degrees in mathematics and accounting.

    Anvar defines himself as “a friendly CEO who has learned to put people before business” long ago. His soft, interpersonal skills allow him to easily take charge of complex situations and resolve issues that block the natural flow of business.

    His extensive professional network around the globe will be among the most important assets he is bringing to the retail Forex company, which has ambitious goals for the MENA and Asia Pacific region.

    So far, Anvar Hussain has worked in the financial services and online trading industry for 15+ years with a solid track record. He worked with banks, investment firms, and Forex brokers in various capacities, including managerial and executive roles. Over the years, he obtained proficiency with DFSA, ADGM, DED, and DMCC rules and regulations.
    Pritesh Patel
    Trainer and Consultant
    Pritesh Patel
    Pritesh Patel is a versatile trainer & corporate motivator as well as financial consultant, who become interested in Forex trading about 11 years ago when he was still the owner of his own training & consulting firm. He has started working in Forex market as a self trader in the year of 2012, where he learned psychological aspects of trading and the gamut of emotions that often prompted panic buy/sell transactions. In last 10 years, he has worked with different Forex brokers on different positions like Forex trainer, market analyst, account manager, as well as region head. He joined Enclave Fx in the year of 2019 as the Chief Operations Officer till Dec. 2023. Currently he is writing a book on Forex Trading which can help new traders as well as experienced trader.
    Amir Mohammed Issa
    Senior Business Development Manager
    Amir Mohammed Issa
    Technical Analyst, Business Development Manager, Trader. Working in the financial markets with over 15 years of experience, as Economics Editor, I bring a wealth of knowledge and analytical rigor to the table. My experience extends through supervising many websites dedicated to investment, financing, and training in the Forex market and global financial markets.

    Most notable professional achievements:
    - Technical Analyst: Expert in analyzing market trends and providing actionable insights.
    - Business Development Manager: Strategically driving growth and strengthening business relationships.
    - Trader in global markets specializing in currencies and metals.
    Fadi Reyad
    Chief Market Strategist
    Fadi Reyad
    Fadi hails from Australia, where he obtained his MSc in Financial Management following his completion of a BSc in Finance, Economy, and Banking. He is a seasoned expert in business execution and international expansion, possessing substantial strategic and operational acumen gained through diverse work experiences in the Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Fadi has demonstrated his capabilities in managing and cultivating relationships with both internal and external stakeholders in a collaborative manner, with a keen focus on strategic planning, research, and business development. He firmly believes that a successful trading journey begins with a solid foundation of education and awareness about financial market concepts, risk management, and product characteristics. Fadi emphasizes the importance of balancing fundamental and technical analysis skills to develop strong trading abilities. Fadi is committed to delivering work of the highest quality and continually seeks to enhance his qualifications and certifications to excel in his role. His passion for learning has driven him to earn several certificates, including those in Green Finance, Sustainable Energy, Behavioral Finance, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has also obtained certifications in building successful start-up businesses, Anti Money Laundering, consumer protection awareness, and wealth and investment management (ICWIM)-UK, among other CISI certificates.
    Tanzeem Qualaaf
    Academic Head
    Tanzeem Qualaaf
    Tanzeem Qualaaf has 6 years experience in the industry. Worked as BDM,mentor and lately as the Academic Head of Forex company, Tanzeem Qualaaf oversees comprehensive educational initiatives designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic world of forex market. His role involves curriculum development, instructor training, and fostering a supportive learning environment conducive to growth and development. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application, Tanzeem Qualaaf strives to empower individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving Forex market.
    Rahul Warrier
    Trade Analyst
    Rahul Warrier
    Rahul builds on a budding 7-year career leading some of the top IT -Cloud based organizations in the world. He has served as a Lead Business Analyst at Benchmark Digital, a project manager for Digital and Infra projects at First Abu Dhabi Bank (currently FAB), and a networking enthusiast, Rahul was recognized for his involvement in the crypto space and had the opportunity to share panel discussions on various blockchain/web3 events throughout Dubai. Rahul is also heavily involved in trading the financial markets, his trading style is tailored to trade during volatile times including capitalizing on short-term price movements on either side. Specialized in trading in US futures and Options. He has established a relationship with some of the top brokers in the world such as Avatrade, Exness, etc being their ambassador/affiliate
    Paul Ghosn
    Paul Ghosn
    I am Paul Ghosn, a seasoned professional boasting a rich tapestry of over a decade's experience in investment portfolio management and trading. My journey has been anchored in the intricate realm of global markets, where I meticulously analyze trends and execute strategic decisions with precision. As a trusted voice in the financial sphere, I've had the privilege of serving as a contributor on CNBC Arabia, lending my insights as a recognized expert in global market dynamics. My dedication to mastering the nuances of finance drives me to consistently deliver value, adeptly navigating complexities to optimize investment outcomes. I am deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor, poised to continue shaping the future of the financial landscape with unwavering professionalism and authenticity.
    G K Philip Roshan
    G K Philip Roshan
    Philip Roshan is the director of oohia olymp capital and glory pip academy. He is the South Asian partner of One Royal, one of the leading brokerage firm which is regulated by ASIC. He is a professionally trader and financial advisor. He started his trading career on 2013 and he is so happy to say where he is now. They provide free forex education and helping traders to make consistent profit and manage their psychology.
    Jas D. T.
    CEO & FOUNDER of STYKZ Wealth Builder and a Senior Account Manager of 24markets
    Jas D. T.
    Over 10 years of experience in Financial Markets. a strong collaborator, working across departments and a Leader skilled in Team Management, Time Management, Sales Planning / Operations, Business Development, Risk Management & Mitigation, Transition & Change Management, Training &Development, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Product Knowledge, CRM, Coaching, Communication skills and Active listening and Delegation.

    My core competencies also includes due diligence,research, analysis and documentation of live transaction
    Victor Sabbia
    CEO of Brokerware
    Victor Sabbia
    Victor Sabbia is a skilled professional with a PhD in Bioinformatics and a strong background in fintech. His work in data analysis and computational biology has contributed to advancements in these fields. In fintech, he has led projects that innovate how we manage and invest assets, founding successful startups along the way. Victor's commitment to innovation drives his contributions to both bioinformatics and fintech, making him a respected figure in these evolving industries.
    Vishal Kapoor
    Founder and Managing Principal of VK ADVISORY GROUP
    Vishal Kapoor
    Vishal Kapoor is a Highly accomplished Globally experienced Leader and a performance-focused Senior Executive with 29 years of experience in the Global Financial Markets, Fintech, and Digital Assets.
    He Has in-depth understanding of OTC markets such as Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Equities and Global Futures.
    He is currently the Founder and Managing principal of VK ADVISORY GROUP ( which is a Leading Management and Business Consulting firm providing end to end services to the Financial Services with main focus on Retail FX/CFD Brokers and Crypto companies.
    We transform the company’s business model by executing well defined and flexible strategies to increase its market share, revenue, sales performance, productivity, and profitability. We make your organisations commercial efficiency and effectiveness.
    He has a master’s from INSEAD (France).
    Ebie Alex
    Co-Founder & COO of GoDo Group
    Ebie Alex
    Ebie Alex is an industry veteran with over two decades of experience, an angel investor, create, scale, and optimize business portfolios that matter. He is the Chief Operating Officer at GoDo, where he leads a team focused on building client centric ecosystems and digital investment tools, based in Dubai.
    Prior to GoDo, Ebie was the Head of Sales at AVA Trade, Ebie has a great understanding of the needs and issues brokers are facing, which led him to specialize sales when he moved to ADS-Securities.
    JinDao Tai
    JinDao Tai
    Jin Dao Tai is a prominent player in the financial trading industry. Jin has developed a unique trading strategy that combines thorough education, smart portfolio management, and extensive market analysis.
    Jin, an accomplished forex coach and international speaker, has appeared in major financial media sites and trained thousands of people through seminars and online courses.
    His expertise extends to providing detailed market insights and effective trading strategies, making him a leading voice in the trading community.
    With a sizable following across multiple social media sites, including YouTube, Tradingview, and Discord, Jin’s knowledge sharing has influenced the experience and journey of many traders.
    Peter Karsten
    CEO of StarTrader
    Peter Karsten
    Peter Karsten, a highly creative person dedicated in coming up with innovative solutions. 15 years of proven track in financial derivatives, Peter is a well-respected and successful entrepreneur in the community.
    He has served as a senior consultant for several large companies, providing high-quality trading solutions to numerous high-net-worth clients. His theoretical contributions have greatly influenced the industry's development. Peter places great emphasis on business ethics, advocating for transparent communication and embracing diverse perspectives. He is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the industry.
    Mauro Carosso
    Founder & CEO of BxT.Ai
    Mauro Carosso
    Mauro Carosso, a finance expert and entrepreneur, has been deeply involved in AI and trading since the late 1990s when he devoted his university studies to Neural Networks' application in trading.

    With over 23 years of experience, from 2000 he has worked at DWS Investments (Deutsche Bank) and Fideuram AM Ireland, specializing in hedge and investment funds, and discretionary portfolio management.

    Between 2012 and 2022, he has established a thirt party marketer that has expanded the global reach of boutique asset managers and lately he joined the Zurich Group, establishing as responsible for international business management from Ireland and lately creating key partnerships with leading international banks like Mediobanca, UBS, Credit Suisse, and BBVA, Santander, Deutsche Bank and many others.

    2023 is the year of the launch of Project BxT.Ai, an ambitious venture aimed at democratizing AI in finance and trading by developing advanced AI systems for traders.

    Mauro hold's an MBA from SDA Bocconi (Milan), a diploma in Market Strategies from the London Business School, a Master's in Family Office Management, and a Bachelor in Economics fro University of Pavia (italy).

    His geopolitical studies, on the Middle East and Eurasia, showcase his extensive expertise and insights on international economies and affairs.
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    P4, Conrad Abu Dhabi
    Oct. 11~12, 2024
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