Advanced Markets Complete Review

Advanced Markets Complete Review Founded in 2006 Headquarters in Cayman Islands

Company description

Company description:

The Advanced Markets Group, founded in 2006, began with the simple, single mission of providing the best, most transparent foreign exchange trading experience possible. We are a leading provider of wholesale liquidity, technology and credit solutions to brokers, money managers and banks globally. As a leader in FX Direct Market Access, all Advanced Markets’ platforms provide immediate execution on highly competitive, fully transparent, multibank liquidity. Advanced Markets offers leading edge technology solutions including a range of front-end platforms, MT4 bridges and API FX connections to enabling clients to access the FX market according to their optimal trading preferences. The firm is majority owned by Macquarie Bank and GFI Group Inc.



Advanced Markets’ partnership solutions provide brokers with a range of competitive advantages, including direct market access to live, executable liquidity from leading global FX banks enabling consistent, low latency trade executions. All Advanced Markets’ technology and operational infrastructure, including UltiMT™ The Ultimate MetaTrader Broker Solution™, are built as a single, unitary system developer, minimizing inter-system integration points and external connections that degrade system performance and operational stability. Advanced Markets’ partnership programs enable banks and brokers to launch new solutions rapidly. The streamlined, flexible program setup enables partners to tailor optimal liquidity and credit structures for their offerings.

We offer

We offer:

Partnering with Advanced Markets provides flexible liquidity, technology and credit solutions as well as a range of competitive advantages, including: Direct Market Access to live, executable, multibank pricing from leading, global FX banks. World-class FX and precious metals liquidity enabling optimal trade execution performance Robust, neutral, high-speed, multicontributor market data to optimize Expert Advisors and other pricing and risk models. Ultra-fast executions, with sub-10 millisecond trade processing. Ultra-low rejection rates of less than 1 per cent. In live beta installations World-class credit services enabled by Advanced Markets’s relationship with leading global FX prime brokers. An ultra-stable operating environment. Branded online applications Branded educational content (webinars, white papers, etc.) Lead tracking and reporting Connectivity (Full system integration using a FIX, Java and C++ API connectivity)

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2 Anthony Brocco Lachlan Green




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Other offices:

2 CyprusUnited States

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