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GetID Review Founded in 2019 Headquarters in Estonia



GetID is an all-in-one Identity Verification service that streamlines your customer onboarding process, ensures full regulatory compliance and reduces fraud. A comprehensive and flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs.

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We offer:

ID Documents Verification

Verify and authenticate ID documents at scale in real-time. Global coverage. GetID supports 7000+ documents, 80+ local languages, 223+ countries and territories.

Face Matching

Verify a customer’s identity by comparing an ID document photo with a selfie-picture to make sure that they (both) belong to the same person.

Liveness Detection

Add another level of security to prevent fraud. Liveness Detection ensures that the users are “live” by asking them to complete a task on camera (smiling, blinking or turning their head).

AML Watchlists Screening

Check your customers’ data globally. Sanctions Lists, PEPs and Adverse Media Lists with 11+ million screened profiles.



Security and Compliance

Regulatory complianceFraud protectionSecure customer data storageKYC/AML compliance

Time and Cost Savings

Fast and easy set-upFlexible pricing modelReduced workloads for compliance teamsIncreased conversion rates

Flexibility and Adaptability

Mobile and web SDKsOmni-channel platformAPIs

An all-in-one KYC software at your fingertips

Manage your processes and collaborate seamlessly with team members with an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you complete control, wherever you may be.

Verification results and status overviewGDPR-compliant customer data storageReal-time monitoring

Seamless integration with your business ecosystem

A range of set-up and integration options to fit your UI/UX:

Mobile SDKsWeb SDKCloud-based verification pageAPI integration

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