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Plugit boasts a core competency in the development of world-class interactive trading system supporting tools and solutions, such as MAM/PAMM, CRM, Multi-Tiered IB, Bonus Automation, and Risk Management Tools (Dynamic Margin). These are seamlessly integrated into the most popular trading platforms on the market in Metatrader 4 and 5.

As a prime financial software provider, Plugit attributes its success to its unparalleled services, which range from software and solution development, integration to implementation, and post go-live support.

Given the scale of its technology offering, and extensive service suite, Plugit is rated above average to outstanding. Visit Plugit to see what sets them apart from the competition.

Company Profile

PLUGIT was founded in 2012, having since specialized in providing automated management solutions, and trading support tools to forex brokers.

The company’s innovative and scalable solutions have redefined operations and boosted the bottom line for leading institutions and small startups. Plugit is a Gold Microsoft partner, a MetaQuotes partner, and a certified SaaS provider.

Plugit Company Profile

Why Choose Plugit?

Brokers continuously face greater technology constraints and demands in what has developed into a cutthroat industry. For its part, Plugit has developed a niche for evolving solutions to meet any challenges that arise for brokerages.

The company is trusted by over 100 different forex institutions, establishing itself as a reliable technology provider with the team capable of providing A-class service to an international client base.

Led by a group of devoted specialists boasting over a decade of experience on the front lines of the fintech R&D, Plugit’s dynamic team can solve the most complex tasks for brokers.

Dedicated to innovation and professionalism, Plugit has a solid industry track record that is bolstered by in-depth market knowledge and a commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Plugit

A Look at Plugit’s Product Offering

Plugit provides a variety of tailored services for forex brokerage firms, that accommodate the needs of a wide spectrum of stakeholders from Sales, Dealing, Backoffice, Operations departments, to Partners such as IBs and Money Managers. Besides the in-house developed system, Plugit also offers custom developments, integration and support.

The company’s flagship product, YOONIT is a modular trading support platform, comprising a complete CRM with Back office, Trader room, KYC/Onboarding, with added MAM/PAMM, Copy Trading, IB/Affiliate, Bonus Automation and Dynamic Margin modules functionality. Designed to be flexible and uniquely intuitive, YOONIT enables closer cooperation between business units and enhanced performance across all metrics.

What Can YOONIT Do for You?

YOONIT provides centralized back-end management, couples with an intuitive user interface and easy configuration. With a unique toolkit at their fingertips, users are able to handle complex tasks ranging from forex account management and KYC procedures to IB & Affiliate’s management, portfolio management, promotional campaigns setting, real-time risk management and more.

The system is compatible with both MT4 and MT5, making it extremely versatile. YOONIT also excels in meeting the challenges of day-to-day processes, facilitating the ability to rapidly reinvent workflows and ensure peak performance.

Plugit - What Can YOONIT Do for You

The system was designed to maximize flexibility, emphasizing scalability, customization and ease of use, with full automation, real-time synchronization and a multilingual dashboard for a global client base.

A Scalable Solution

The range of its utilities has made YOONIT the solution of choice for both large and small brokerages globally. YOONIT was engineered to be both modular and scalable.

This flexibility enables brokers to choose from modules that best suit their company needs and growth stage, allowing for the inclusion of additional modules as their business grows. Centralized back-end management is also an integral function of YOONIT.

Plugit A Scalable Solution

Different departments can utilize the same system with different access levels to work together and optimize the workflow. YOONIT was engineered to be connected to multiple servers/WLs, all under one dashboard.

Giving unparalleled flexibility to clients, all YOONIT modules work together as an entire platform or independently to accommodate different types of clients. The platform gives its’ users full control over all the elements that make up a tailored solution.

YOONIT is highly customizable and able to accommodate an assortment of specialized tasks. This includes advanced reporting, lead tracking, trade analysis, operation logs, and other functions.

The recently added wallet function also provides enhanced safety protocols for funds, as well as flexibility, easy deposits, and account funding.

Seamless Integration

Some of the biggest strengths of YOONIT system is its convenience and versatility. With seamless integration into third party applications, YOONIT also allows users to effortlessly set up each module with a maximum of 3 days delivery time.

The system is backed by a dedicated service team that is there for you 24/7, providing support in 6 different languages. With no volume fees and a cost-efficient structure, YOONIT offers something for every brokerage.

Customer Support

Plugit is always within reach with offices in Cyprus and China. Their support team is available 24/7 for any client queries and emergencies, and staff standing by to answer questions about YOONIT or to set up a free demonstration of the platform.

Phone: +357 250 250 26




To reiterate, Plugit has met or exceeded our expectations at every level. The company checks off all the requisite boxes when analyzing financial software provider. Their versatile solutions such as YOONIT are known and respected in the industry. We believe that long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships can be built with Plugit.

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