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Robinhood Information and Review Robinhood
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Regulation SEC, FINRA
Trading software Robinhood Platform
Headquartered 85 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States

Investing doesn’t have to be that hard. Access stocks, ETFs, and more. Oh, and no commission fees. That’s right. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Your first stock is even on us. Stocks & funds offered through Robinhood Financial. Other fees may apply. See ourFee Schedulefor more details.At Robinhood Markets, our values are in service of our customers. We strive to uphold our values every day.

Stocks. Invest in your favorite companies. With thousands of stocks to choose from and Fractional Shares, you can put in as little as $1 towards the companies that could potentially add value to you and your future.
ETFs. Get diversified with stock bundles. ETFs can remove some of the pressure from picking individual stocks. Invest in a group of companies all at once.
Options. Level up your investing strategies. Get the right to buy or sell stocks at a specific date for a specific price. No commissions here either. For illustrative purposes only. Options offered through Robinhood Financial. Options are risky and aren't suitable for all investors. To learn more, read theOptions Disclosure Document.
Margin. Increase your buying power. Need more leverage to purchase the stocks and ETFs you’ve been eyeing? With Margin, you can preserve your extra cash by borrowing some from us. Margin offered though Robinhood Financial.
Crypto. Break into Bitcoin. Buy, sell, and store crypto without the commission fees. For as little as $1, you can dive into the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin family. Crypto offered through Robinhood Crypto, not a member of FINRA.

Safety First

Robinhood is a safety-first company. The reliability of our platform takes precedence over all else, so that we can be there for our customers when they need us the most. We relentlessly protect our customers’ security and privacy, and we only share with our counterparties what they need to fulfill our customers’ financial needs, nothing more.

We build safeguards and provide education so that our customers are in the best position to succeed. We have high quality timely customer support, and when things aren’t right, we fix them. We work closely with regulators and lawmakers to protect our customers and the broader financial system.

We speak simply, plainly, and truthfully, even if it’s not what others want to hear. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest ethical standards.

Participation is Power

At Robinhood, the rich don’t get a better deal. We founded Robinhood in the wake of the financial crisis because we identified a gap – the more you had, the better deal you got. We aim to give everyone access to the financial system, regardless of their background or account balance. That's why we have no account minimums and a product that was designed from the ground up for small accounts.

We would rather serve many small customers over a few large ones. We reflect the world around us, and we elevate and embrace all voices so everyone feels at home at Robinhood.

Radical Customer Focus

We exist to make our customers happy. From the early days of Robinhood, we have prioritized getting direct customer feedback on what we were building. Talking to our customers forms the kernel of the product development process we have today. We listen with empathy, ask questions, and critically evaluate our work by how valuable our customers find it.

We never stop asking how we can make our product better, and we never settle for ‘good enough’. We listen to our colleagues, and we start from a place of believing they are capable and well-intentioned.

We delight our customers and take pride in our work. Otherwise, why even be here?

First-Principles Thinking

We make bold bets and challenge the status quo. Our foundation is in art, science, and pure mathematics, and we have a deep appreciation for the scientific process. We develop hypotheses and design experiments to test them. We reduce complex problems to their constituent bits.

We debate vigorously and change our minds when confronted with the right evidence. We bravely do what’s right, even when it hasn't been done before. We treat our company like a product and aim to get better, every single day.

Robinhood Trading Information 2023

Address 85 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States
Headquarters 85 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States
Free phone
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
Trading by phone
Mobile trading
Copy trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Accepts US traders
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 500
STP, $
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $
Popular payment methods Debit/Credit Cards
Account currencies EUR, USD
Available assets Stocks, ETFs, Options, Crypto
Languages English
Platforms Robinhood Platform
Broker type Broker
Regulation SEC, FINRA
Foundation 2013

Robinhood Reviews and Comments

I have been using the Robinhood analytical portal for the third month now. I am still not very good at trading myself, so I try to use high-quality analytics and recommendations. I saw a Robinhood advertisement for the portal on some banner and went to look. Specifically, I got hooked on their signals from 10 indicators, they work effectively. I mainly traded them on hourly charts, I also tried signals on daily charts. They showed themselves well. Based on the signals, I finally started to close more or less daily with profit, otherwise there were swings before. For those who have not yet connected to their portal, I will say that you are losing a lot. It’s easier to make money that way.
11 May 2023 Reply

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