Bitcoin: Getting the timing right, next long trade [Video]

Bitcoin and Ethereum Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Forecast & Trading;
Overview: Bitcoin and Ethereum An Elliott Wave Impulse wave up off the last lows creates a larger bullish pattern for crypto.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis 45,000 resistance. Number 5 is the second strongest number in the market, so expect the market to spend time above and below 45k also called Minor Level 5 (mTL5) or the Midpoint – TradingLevels
Bitcoin Elliott Wave (v) of i);
Trading Levels Bitcoin: mTL3|43,000 the Midpoint mTL5|45,000 and Minor Group2 46,500|47,200|48,000;
Bitcoin Trading Strategy: Taking part profit at 45,000;

Video Chapters:
00:00 Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis.
17:47 Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis.
22:09 Thank you for watching Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis.

Trading tip: dollar cost average btc strategy – hodling.

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