Expands to Latin America by Acquiring SeSocio

blockchaincom-Edited Expands to Latin America by Acquiring SeSocio

  SeSocio is one of the biggest cryptocurrency companies in Argentina with over 100 employees., a leading cryptocurrency services provider, announced on Tuesday that it had acquired SeSocio, an Argentinean crypto company. The maneuver is part of Blockchain.coms expansion efforts across the Latin American region, according to the press release.

  With the acquisition, the crypto services provider looks forward to building new offices across the region and performing local hiring. Moreover, will bring SeSocios staff into its global headcount, raising it to 400. As of now, SeSocio has around 100 employees on its staff.

  “Latin America presents one of the largest growth opportunities in crypto over the coming decade. Millions have already seen inflation at its worst, new currencies emerge out of thin air, and experienced political instability – creating a favorable environment for crypto. With the SeSocio team, we aim to provide every Latin American with access to a global crypto platform,” Peter Smith, CEO, commented.

  Also, Guido Quaranta, SeSocio co-founder and CEO, said the following: “We‘re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to build in the Latin America market and the growth weve seen as a business thus far. I am confident that SeSocio will thrive in this next chapter of our journey. Together with, we will pioneer a new age of increased crypto accessibility in Latin America and beyond.”

  Expansion to Georgia

  Early this month, announced the official launch of crypto trading services in the State of Georgia, United States. Over ten million Georgia residents can access the companys services, following the steps of other states in opening the doors to like Michigan, Oklahoma, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

  Last year, the crypto services provider launched its services in Florida, Alaska, Delaware, Illinois, Oregon, New Hampshire, and New Mexico, with being allowed to operate in 30 states following licensing approvals. The firm has high expectations about Georgia‘s adoption of its services, considering that users’ sign-ups soared over 500% in the state.


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