Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Safemoon, Cardano & Bitcoin — Asian Wrap 21 September

Safemoon Price Prediction: A Stairway to Hell

Safemoon price has been descending in turbulent fashion throughout the summer. A breach of the swing low established in May could catalyze a sharp decline. Safemoon price has been a lagging cryptocurrency throughout the summer.

Cardano Price Prediction: ADA is not out of the woods just yet

Cardano price could be setting up for a sweep-the-lows event in the coming days; Countertrend day traders should be wary of the trend. Cardano price shows a steep decline, which could extend further. ADA price has fallen over 70% since the most recent upswing was established from the $0.438 low.

Colorado begins accepting Bitcoin for tax payments as BTC sinks below $19,000

The global crypto adoption streak continues, with the Colorado government now welcoming the payment of all kinds of taxes using cryptocurrencies. Although since the broader market condition is not necessarily improving, this facility might not see a lot of takers.

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