ONDO extends gains by 4% with rise in non-empty wallets, hits new all-time high

  • Ondo extended gains by 75% increase in the past 11 days, per crypto intelligence tracker Santiment. 
  • The token ranks among top trending assets on the platform, with a massive spike in non-empty wallets. 
  • ONDO added 4% value to its price on Sunday, sustaining 40% gains from the week. 

Data from crypto intelligence tracker Santiment shows that Ondo ranks among top trending tokens among cryptocurrency. The token has added 75% to its value in the past eleven days, per Santiment’s recent tweet on X. 

ONDO hits new all-time high, extends gains

ONDO ranks among top trending tokens in cryptocurrencies and the token’s non-empty wallet count has increased 550% between February 26 and May 26, per Santiment data. The chart shows that the recent all-time high in ONDO corresponded with the highest bullish sentiment from the crowd in the token’s history. 

The public blockchain’s token is the top trending asset on Santiment. 


Ondo’s growth in non-zero wallets 

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization has taken center stage with rallies in assets like ONDO and TOKEN. Crypto analyst TimelessBeing shared their take on RWA in a recent tweet on X. 

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