Solana faces another $6 million ‘exploit’ as SOL price takes a hit

  • Solana price seems to be taking a hit as another exploit targets users’ wallets
  • SOL price looks likely to sweep the $42.43 level before taking a U-turn and potentially crashing 25%.
  • A sudden spike in buying pressure that pushes SOL to flip the $47.43 level into a support floor will invalidate the bearish thesis.

Solana price seems to have declined sharply on the reports that a hacker is draining wallets of SOL and SPL tokens. While unconfirmed, this hack seems to have an estimated loss of tokens worth $5 million. 

Solana exploit and what’s happening

Solana price took a hit after rumors of an exploit spread earlier today on August 3. According to unconfirmed reports on Twitter, users’ wallets are being targeted and drained of SOL and ETH. 

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