Terra co-founder Do Kwon flees to Serbia to avoid arrest, say Korean officials

  • Terra founder Do Kwon is in Serbia, according to Korean officials investigating the collapse of Terra Labs and its token LUNA.
  • The Korean Ministry of Justice is seeking help from Serbian officials on the matter. 
  • Luna Classic price hovers around $0.000166.

Terra Labs founder Kwon Do-Hyung is in Serbia, as reported by a local media Chosun.  The report says that Do Kwon is avoiding arrest by Korean officials who believe he has fled to Serbia. 

Korean officials zero in on Do Kwon

Terra Labs founder Do Kwon is currently in Serbia, according to Korean investigation authorities. The official added, “Recently, we obtained intelligence that CEO Kwon was in Serbia, and it was found to be true.”

Interpol has already issued a Red notice on the founder and is seeking help from authorities around the world for the arrest of Do Kwon. Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office’s Financial and Securities Criminal Unit is looking to arrest the founder on charges of providing false information to investors, which led to losses in billions of US dollars to participants around the world.

However, the Terra Labs founder has previously mentioned on his Twitter account that he was not on the “run” or avoiding arrest and that he has “nothing to hide.”

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