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BrokersView Most Popular Trader Award

Recognized as one of the most influential events in the financial industry, the 2024 Award for Brokers with Outstanding Assessment·Singapore opens the voting stage now. Join us as BrokersView extends a heartfelt invitation for your involvement in the voting phase. With more than 170 nominated brokers vying for the Most Popular Broker Award, your invaluable support can pave the way for their triumph. From February 19th to March 1st, 2024, seize the opportunity to cast your vote and propel your favorite broker to prominence in this significant event.

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Vote Rules:

– Visitors logging in with e-mail cast up to 10 votes per day.

– If you log into your BrokersView account, you can get an additional 10 votes per day, for a total of 20 votes.

– After sharing the event on social media, visitors or logged-in users each get an extra 5 votes per day.

– Maximum votes per day is 25. You can vote for different nominated brokers or the same broker according to your preference.

– The votes you get each day cannot be carried over to the next day. Please use your votes on the same day! 

Following the conclusion of the voting phase, the broker with the highest number of votes will be honored with the Most Popular Broker Award. Therefore, your vote holds immense significance and will determine the ultimate winner of this prestigious accolade.

The winning broker will be presented with a trophy at the awards ceremony held in Singapore on March 30, 2024. Meanwhile, another part of the BrokersView assessment awards will be presented on-site to the brokers who achieved first place in various live trading assessments conducted in February this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to express your gratitude and support for your favorite brokers. Vote now and make your voice heard in the financial industry!

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