What is trading live

  What is trading live

  Trading Live is the world’s first multi-lingual financial streaming community dedicated to the mission of “making investment learning more efficient and knowledge sharing easier.

  Trading Live proudly covers multi-dimensional areas and segments in trading including forex, stocks, and crypto in the form of live broadcasts, video tutorials, and article modules.

  Trading Live has gathered a community of financial lecturers across the globe to remove knowledge barriers and help lecturers monetize their expertise.

  As a commitment to teaching anyone from everywhere, Trading Live has expanded its platform to cater to a plethora of global users – with the website and App viewable in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Arabic versions.

  Brand Story

  Trading Live was borne out of the initiative of Trading Live—a Forex Education Platform made to help normal investors upskill their finance knowledge through easy-to-understand learning courses.

  But here’s the catch—we realized that the traditional watch-and-learn model isn’t enough for people to excel in trading and investing. With so, we wanted to take another stride to revolutionize e-learning. With our newest site, we at Trading Live, aim to bridge the world’s best finance professionals to normal everyday people whilst building a thriving community intended to continuously sharpen the boundaries of knowledge—where learners are heard and educators are spotlighted.

  Along with the development of Trading Live came a series of new and exciting functions—including in-app live streams to facilitate the connection between mentors and learners. We also have a team of experienced-backed in-house analysts there to provide better community outlooks through their strong technical analysis skills. At the same time, we have developed a series of support policies as a way to attract more talented financial creators to Trading Live to produce more quality education to accommodate the ever-changing market today.

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