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  What Is a VPS?

  VPS, the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server is a virtual space provided by a hosting company that enables its users to connect to the Internet seamlessly no matter where they are in the world. A VPS contains components such as processors, memory, hard drives, etc., but they are virtual and located in the server hosting company's mainframe computer, and only a portion of those resources are rented to you.

  Why Do We Need a VPS?


  1. Getting a stable internet connection

  Network outages can cause a variety of issues during trading, which can be costly if you have a large account and are a short-term trader focused on scalping. You would not want to be disconnected if you run robots like EA Smart Trading, especially a 24/5 robot. With a VPS, you will always be online because your connection is provided by the VPS hosting company's powerful and sophisticated data center.

  2. Faster execution speed

  VPS servers can reduce network latency between you and your broker (down to 1-2 ms), which is a significant speed boost when compared to regular latency (which could be 30, 100, 200, or even 1000 ms). For example, if you are in Malaysia and the broker's data center is in Australia, network latency could be 200 to 300 milliseconds. The best VPS hosting providers provide server sets at the broker's data center location, allowing for faster order execution if trading from the broker's location.

  3. Avoid slippage

  When the market is volatile and changing quickly, brokers may face technical difficulty in executing and matching orders. This could result in a positive and/or negative slippage at a better or worse price. As VPS enhances the Internets speed, it automatically reduces delays and processes trading orders faster and lowers the chances of slippages.

  4. Trade from anywhere

  You can trade from almost anywhere, no need to carry your computer or laptop with you, just enter your VPS username and password into your computer's remote desktop software to access your trading platform.


  1. Ensures a smooth operation of Expert Advisors (EA)

  Forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors (EA) are the main reason why traders use Forex VPS. When traders have an automated EA that runs 24/5, typically a scalping EA or an EA that is designated exquisitely to follow a series of requirements, any kind of network disruption could affect the trading results dramatically. A stable Forex VPS could easily solve this problem wherein there is no need to be worried about a cut-off network connection. A VPS can also reduce latency and increase execution speed, helping to make your EA deliver better trading results.

  WikiFX provides a huge variety of EAs for forex trading, you can read more about them here:

  2. Scalping

  Scalping is a very sensitive trading strategy that requires more attention, especially if your desired stop loss level is small. In this process, you need to be able to make quick moves and decisions, having a lagging internet connection would hurt the scalping performance, thus a reliable VPS server could come in handy in this scenario.

  3. Quick update on important news events

  When you encounter a breaking news event, your trading can easily generate slippage, especially in the case of poor internet connection or high latency. As an investor who focuses on fundamental analysis, the thing you want most is for orders to be filled at the intended price. The best Forex VPS eliminates all kinds of unforeseen hassles and provides a reliable trading environment for unstable news events.

  In conjunction with this article, we would like to present the WikiFX VPS services that are fairly affordable as they cost less than a cup of coffee.


  Click this link to find out more:


  Alternatively, download the free WikiFX mobile app on Google Play/App Store and click VPS as demonstrated in the arrow above to discover more features of the WikiFX VPS services.


  With such an insignificant cost incurred monthly, WikiFXs VPS strives to:

  1. Support over 10 countries and regions are the world with more than 7 system languages while distributing more than 1800 global acceleration notes to distribute VPS service content widely

  2. Ensure that EA transactions are not affected by environmental factors

  3. Enable traders and investors to get access to their trading platforms on any computer even in the absence of an installed MT4/MT5 platform

  4. Keep EA running 24/7 even after the computer is turned off

  5. Provide faster VPS transaction execution and order transmission while reducing slippages and delays

  6. Maintain a safe operating and trading environment for traders and investors


  WikiFX offers 4 types of VPS, from as low as 99cents per month because we believe that having an efficient trading environment is the basic right for each trader and/or investor.


  This table pinpoints the differences between each VPS service that WikiFX offers.

  If you are still unsure if you need a VPS service, please feel free to review your trading environment based on the guidance of this article:

  It is also equally important to find the most reliable broker should be the utmost priority for a trader and/or investor – before you start evaluating its trading environment. Head over to WikiFXs official website or download the free WikiFX mobile app on Google Play and App Store right now to find the trustworthy forex broker for you in every aspect.

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