price prediction: CRO at a crossroads

  • price has been trading within a 10% range for nearly two weeks.
  • The technicals for CRO display mixed signals, but a volatile move will solve the confusion. 
  • Bullish and bearish forecasts can be extracted using key levels mentioned below. price is showing a double scenario. Key levels have been defined to assess the bullish versus bearish scenarios. price is close to a move price has been trading within a 10% range for nearly two weeks. The $0.08 barrier has consistently acted as resistance, and the mid-$0.07 has acted as support. The coiling range has yet to make a decision on which way it will resolve. price currently auctions at $0.081. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator used to gauge market potential by assessing previous rallies, displays mixed signals. For instance, there have been several bearish divergences occurring near the mid-$0.08 zone during the last ten days. However, there's also a bullish divergence between the recent low at $0.075 and the January 5 low at $0.070. The market will eventually provide a solution for the questionable back-and-forth price action. The move will likely result in a volatile move, but being early at an entry is ill-advised.

A break above the $0.08 resistance zone should be enough to promote a 10% rally toward the $0.09 price level. On the contrary, a breach of the recent swing low at $0.76 established on February 1 could induce a 10% swing to the downside, targeting the $0.07 liquidity level.


CRO/USDT 1-day chart

Automatic entries can be placed at both pivot points with an invalidation point on the opposite side of the range. This will be the safest way to ensure traders catch the profitable opportunity without taking unnecessary risks.


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