Shiba Inu price: Ethereum whale swallows 272 billion SHIB, becomes investors’ favorite

  • Large Ethereum whales hold a whopping 282.79 billion Shiba Inu coins worth $3.09 million in their wallet. 
  • Ethereum whale identified as Galion accumulated a total of 272 billion Shiba Inu coins worth $3 million in two separate transactions overnight. 
  • Analysts have set a bullish target of $0.00001401 for Shiba Inu if the meme coin continues its uptrend. 

Large wallet investors on the Ethereum network are keen on accumulating Shiba Inu. The 130th largest Ethereum whale scooped up 272 billion Shiba Inu coins overnight. Analysts retain a bullish outlook on the altcoin. 

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Galion swallows up 272 billion Shiba Inu in two transactions

The 130th largest whale on the Ethereum Network has swallowed up 272 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) worth $3 million. Typically, large wallet investors have purchased Shiba Inu ahead of a massive rally in the meme coin. 

Based on data from WhaleStats, “Galion” has just accumulated a staggering total of 272,000,000,000 SHIB, in two separate transactions in the past 24 hours. The trader was active over 8 hours ago and added 100 billion Shiba Inu in the first transaction and 172 billion in the second. The average price of purchase was $0.0000109. 

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