Tezos Price Prediction: Investors should take this signal serious as bears flex control

  • Tezos price has ascended on relatively low volume. 
  • XTZ price has breached through an ascending trend line that held support throughout the summer.
  • Invalidation of the bearish thesis is a closing candle above $2.03.

Tezos price shows concerning signals that investors should be aware of.

XTZ price is poised for pain

Tezos price displays a change-of-hands as the uptrend hike since June 18 has come to a screeching halt. An ascending trend line that has consistently provided support for the XTZ price has officially been conquered by the bulls as a 3-day bearish engulfing candle settled below it at $1.57. Additionally, the newfound bearish engulfing candle is now the largest 3-day candlestick within the entire summertime rally.

Tezos’ XTZ price currently auctions at $1.63 under very minute levels of trading volume. Retail traders are likely looking to latch on to the newfound bearish influence in hopes of making a quick day trade scalp. Traders looking to join the bearish trend should wait for a classic retest and rejection signal of the breached trendline before jumping into the market.

Bearish targets lie at $1.20 for a further 25% decline.


XTZ/USDT 3-Day Chart

Invalidation of the downtrend scenario is a closing candle above $2.03. If the bulls can accomplish this hurdle, they could re-route north, targeting $2.30 in the short term. Said price action would result in a 40% increase from the current Tezos price.

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